Founders Message


I am excited to welcome each and every one to the beginning of a new year; a new beginning! My excitement is even greater as we approach 2018 marking the end of our 15-year vision. Over the last decade, the school has made major strides and realised significant milestones; our students are working and learning in key institutions all over the India, we have gained prestigious recognition for academic excellence and have improved facility infrastructure and service delivery!

Some years back Good families had to put their children in school outside Sojat City. The worry, anxiety and fatigue that parents experienced led to the founding of KEC English School.

A School that will provide high quality education at an affordable price to our children, so that families can stay together while the children are young. It is the founders’ wish that parents and teachers will join together to develop high standards so that each student can obtain the best education possible. Since then KEC English School, has grown into an Government accredited school open to all.

Once again, the committee of directions and I welcome you to this new year!